She Got Catfished By A Guy Who Looked Nothing Like His Photos, Expected Her To Pay For His Drink, And Kept Talking About How Both Of His Siblings Went To Jail - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After taking a long break from dating, TikToker @sheeystfuuu decided she was ready to get back out there again. So, she downloaded a Latin dating app and matched with a very attractive guy. They messaged on the app for a little bit and then moved the conversation over to a different social media platform.

He sent her a couple of pictures showing part of his face that made her question if she was even talking to the same person from the dating app. However, his public posts looked just like the photos from his dating profile, so her concerns were assuaged for the moment.

They made last-minute plans to meet up at a dessert spot that was 15 minutes from her place. He lived about 45 minutes away from her. She told him to meet her at around 11 PM. She left her house at around 10:45 but was feeling extremely anxious, so she brought her friend along. She informed him that her friend was in the area, so they would be hanging out until he arrived.

At 11 o’clock, she texted him to let him know she was at the dessert spot. He seemed surprised that she was already there. Her friend declared that he had probably just left his place. They waited and waited until it was 11:30. Finally, he texted her to say that he was looking for a parking spot.

She was sitting near the door so she had a view of anyone who was passing by. She saw a man enter the dessert shop wearing the same clothes her date had described to her and suddenly felt sick to her stomach because he did not resemble his pictures at all. In the photos, he had a buzzcut and was clean-shaven. But in person, he had long facial hair.

She tried to keep her cool even though he had catfished her. However, she was too mad to engage in conversation, so her friend ended up chatting with him the whole time. She and her friend had already ordered drinks while waiting for him to show up. When the waiter approached them, he ordered a drink of his own.

At that point, it was already midnight, and her friend needed to get home. After her friend left, she got up to pay for their drinks. He looked at her as if he was hoping she would cover his bill, too. She wanted to leave as quickly as possible, so she ended up paying for his drink.

She also walked with him to his car, which was parked a couple of streets down. When they reached his car, she saw that the windshield was shattered. He wanted to get food, but since it was midnight, everything was closed.

So, their only option was fast food. On the way to the fast food place, he started talking about himself and his family. He told her that his brother had just gotten out of prison. When she asked what his brother was in prison for, he said that he didn’t want to discuss it. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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