She Banned Her Husband From Rubbing Raw Potatoes On Her Feet While She’s Asleep Because She’s Battling Cancer, And He Believes The Potatoes Will Help Leech Out Body Toxins

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This woman is currently married and has sadly been battling cancer. So, she has not been feeling great, and she doesn’t think she looks very good right now, either.

“I am most upset at my lack of eyebrows,” she said.

While her husband has been trying to be supportive of her, though, he recently fell down a “rabbit hole” online– learning about spirituality and “new age healing.”

Now, she really doesn’t believe any of the methods are real or work. But, she didn’t say anything about her husband researching it in the beginning because she thought that most of the ideas were “relatively harmless.”

Well, her husband wound up learning about the popular claim that potatoes actually have the ability to draw out body toxins.

This supposed remedy has made its rounds on social media and gone viral, with people putting potatoes in their socks, going to sleep, and hoping they will leech out all of the toxins.

Her husband was fully on board with the idea, too, and tried to get her to wear socks with raw potatoes in them in hopes of helping her health. She, on the other hand, didn’t buy it and simply refused.

So, ever since then, her husband has actually tried to use the potato remedy on her in her sleep.

“I keep waking up to him rubbing raw potatoes on my feet,” she revealed.

Wirestock – – illustrative purposes only

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