She Just Discovered That Her Sister-In-Law’s Relationship Started By Being A Homewrecker, So Now She Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Being Near Her Sister-In-Law Anymore

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s father had an affair and left her mother and their family to start a new family his affair partner.

Then, as she grew older, she unfortunately was in relationships in which her partners were unfaithful. Several of her friends have been left devastated when their partners cheated on them, too.

“I morally think that no matter what, an affair or being a mistress, especially as a woman, is not okay when the person is married and has children,” she said.

She and her husband have been married for several years and are close to her husband’s sister. While she isn’t a fan of her sister-in-law’s husband, her husband’s sister is a blast to hang out with, and her sister-in-law adores her. Her sister-in-law’s husband was married before and shares a daughter with his ex-wife.

“They always talk about the ex-wife like she is crazy or something, which is something that I don’t like, and makes me feel off about my sister-in-law,” she explained.

Her sister-in-law and her husband have three kids of their own and a significant age gap. However, she’d never known how her sister-in-law’s relationship with her husband began or how they were introduced to one another.

Two weeks ago, she learned the history of her husband’s sister’s marriage from her husband’s aunt. Before they were married, her sister-in-law was hooking up with the man who would become her husband while he was still married. He’d assured her sister-in-law that he would separate from his wife, which he did before filing for divorce.

While her sister-in-law was still married, his ex-wife found out he was cheating and reached out to her sister-in-law’s mother (her mother-in-law) to tell her that her daughter was engaging in an affair with a married man. However, her sister-in-law prevented her mother from reading the messages.

After discovering how her sister-in-law’s relationship with her husband began, she felt a multitude of emotions.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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