She Once Dated A Pathological Liar Who Actually Pretended That He Had Passed Away After She Finally Broke Up With Him - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When TikToker Bella (@bellabailey1885) was younger, she dated a guy who was a pathological liar. Now, she’s sharing detailed examples of his antics, and they’ll definitely have you cracking up.

One time, they went to his dad’s office, where he claimed to work. Apparently, his dad had asked him to help finish up some work.

When they stepped inside the office, she saw that it was almost completely empty. It didn’t look like anyone had been in there for a long time.

She was confused about what kind of work he needed to do. All of a sudden, he pulled out a chemistry textbook and started flipping through the pages.

He declared that he could learn the concepts that experts in the field spend years studying in five minutes.

She didn’t understand what he was doing with a chemistry book since he wasn’t in high school or college at the time.

He was also wearing a suit and had an assistant. Later, she found out that he was paying his friend to act as his assistant.

Another time, he told her that he was hanging out with his friends, and they ordered pizza. One of his friends supposedly put special mushrooms on the pizza without telling anyone.

All his friends were starting to feel the effects of the mushrooms after eating the pizza, but he bragged about how the mushrooms had no influence on him because of his strong will and “alpha mindset.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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