She Said The Reason Why Her Sister Doesn’t Have Any Close Friends Or Family Is Because Her Sister Just Cuts Them Off At The First Sign Of Conflict, And Her Sister Freaked Out On Her

michaelheim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you know someone who tends to overreact and will cut off friends or family due to reasons that seem petty to you?

One woman tried to give her little sister, who would go no-contact with people and then complain about how she doesn’t have a close social circle, a gentle reality check, but it did not go well.

She’s 29 and has a 27-year-old sister named Kay. While she cares about Kay, she acknowledges that Kay has a big issue regarding her relationships.

Kay hardly has any close friends or family she can hang out with or confide in at the drop of a hat. Why? Because when she gets into any form of conflict or disagreement with those people, she cuts them off and goes no-contact.

“For instance, she went no-contact with our parents because they divorced when we were young,” she said.

“Our mom had to work multiple jobs to provide for us and our older sister. Kay says our mom wasn’t properly able to provide for us, and if she were a ‘good’ parent, she’d have found one job and gotten us into a better house. As for our dad, he married our stepmom four years after the divorce, and Kay hasn’t forgiven him and says he replaced our mom.”

Incidents have also led Kay to cut off their older sister. Besides family, this is also an issue with Kay’s friends.

Kay used to be best friends with a girl named Olivia but dropped her because she didn’t like the people she sympathized with and supported. Kay’s love life isn’t any better either. She broke up with her last boyfriend because he had to leave the country for his grandmother’s funeral and she didn’t want to go with him.

After all of these incidents, she’s had to listen to Kay constantly complain about how she doesn’t have a strong social circle or any friends. 

michaelheim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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