She Wants A Prenup To Protect Her Finances Because Her Boyfriend Keeps Supporting His Self-Destructive Sister

A prenup could be a strategic way for her to plan ahead so that she doesn’t wind up in a situation where she’s expected to pay all her and her boyfriend’s bills. She wants him to financially contribute just as much as she does.

Even though they aren’t engaged or married yet, she’s concerned their future marriage won’t last, and she wants a prenup in place if they divorce so that her boyfriend’s financial decisions won’t negatively impact their future kids.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend was upset with her concerns about how much he financially supports his sister.

“He thinks if I’m marrying him, his sister is now my sister, and I should be happy to help her. I told him I’m not, and he can help her after his bills are paid and he has savings, but otherwise, I don’t want anything to do with her,” she shared.

She’s been around her boyfriend’s sister numerous times, and it seemed to her like his sister wasn’t sober over half the times she saw her. He told her she was a jerk for refusing to sign up to support his sister financially.

Plus, he was angry that the prenuptial terms were to stop him from spending all of his money on his sister. So far, he’s given his sister thousands already, and she doesn’t think his sister will become financially stable anytime soon.

What advice would you give her?

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