She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Looked Nothing Like His Photos, Downed At Least Eight Drinks During Dinner, And Promised To Serenade Her With Taylor Swift Songs On His Guitar If She Went Home With Him

alones - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Around four years ago, Megan Schibelka (@meganschibelka, who is based in Chicago, met a guy on a dating app who seemed really cute and completely normal.

Nothing on his profile stood out or appeared alarming. They decided to meet up at a nice restaurant for drinks and dinner.

When she arrived, the first thing she noticed was that the guy looked nothing like his picture. Throughout dinner, she only ordered two drinks. However, he ordered at least eight drinks and kept downing them one after another.

In the middle of dinner, he started screaming about how much he loved a certain politician. He also tried to insult her by telling her that she looked like the kind of girl who would be in a sorority.

It was then that Megan decided it was time to leave the restaurant.

He walked her to her car, and the whole way there, he repeatedly asked her if she would come over to his apartment.

Of course, she declined. He also kept telling her that she looked just like Sydney Sweeney, which she rolled her eyes at since she knew she didn’t resemble the actress at all.

Once they got to her car, he grabbed her arm and started swinging her around as if they were slow dancing together.

She demanded that he get his hands off her immediately. He continued begging her to come over, claiming that he would play Taylor Swift songs on the guitar for her if she did.

alones – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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