She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Looked Nothing Like His Photos, Downed At Least Eight Drinks During Dinner, And Promised To Serenade Her With Taylor Swift Songs On His Guitar If She Went Home With Him

In the end, she drove away, left him there, and blocked him. She never heard from him again and hasn’t gone on a date from that dating app she met him on ever since.

To show their solidarity, some TikTok users shared their bad dating experiences in the comments section.

“Once, I went on a date in college, didn’t learn until after we hooked up, and he broke down CRYING that he had been recreating his last date with his dead ex the whole night,” wrote one user.

“One time, I went on a date with this guy in Chicago. He owned his own pharmacy and told me he loved when people got diabetes because he made so much money. Like, what, sir,” revealed another.

“As a dentist, my Hinge date gave me a hickey when I had work in the morning,” commented someone else.


that’s on never using hinge again #storytime #worstdate #hingefail

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