She Went Out With A Guy Who Faked A Phone Call With His Dad During Their Date Before His Real Girlfriend Actually Showed Up, And Things Got Ugly

After they finished eating, they left the restaurant to find good spots to take pictures. As they walked around, her feet started to hurt from the shoes she was wearing. Then, her stomach began aching, so she wasn’t in the best mood.

While he was taking photos of her, his phone kept ringing, but he declined the calls every time. The pictures ended up being really bad, causing her to get upset.

Finally, he answered one of the phone calls, and the conversation seemed hostile. Once he hung up, he told her that it was his dad.

Later, she found out that he had faked the phone call. At that point, they were both annoyed. She complained that her feet hurt, so he offered to get his car to drop her back off in the parking lot of the restaurant.

While he was gone, a girl approached Aniyah, asking if she had just gone on a date with S.L. She also claimed to be his girlfriend. Aniyah told her that S.L. had never mentioned he had a girlfriend. The girl ran off in the direction S.L. had gone.

Aniyah gathered her stuff and started walking back to her car. When S.L. pulled up in front of her, she saw that the girl was chasing the vehicle.

They got into a screaming match while Aniyah watched. She figured out that the girl had picked him up from the airport, drove him into the city, and he had stayed the night at her place.

The shoes he was wearing on the date were the ones that the girl had bought for him. He had also lied about going to church with his grandma and going to the restaurant with his uncle.

He ended up driving Aniyah back to the restaurant’s parking lot so she could get into her own car and leave. If anything, the date had at least been entertaining.


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