She’s Content With Her Career And Doesn’t Want More Than She Has, But She’s Worried This Is A Turnoff For Guys

H_Ko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman works in graphic design, and she makes $75,000 a year in her role. Many of her coworkers are hustling hard, aspiring for promotions, or trying to land roles in management.

Some are even heading back to college to acquire more credentials, and in contrast, she likes where she is in her career.

She’s content, and she honestly doesn’t want more than she has at this point in her life. She graduated from college back in 2014 with her degree in design, and while she has always felt pushed over the years towards freelancing, chasing fancy assignments, or starting her own business, she’s not interested.

She’s not part of the hustle culture. She’s not into grinding her life away. She doesn’t feel the need to climb a corporate ladder.

“Call it a mix of wanting simplicity, a bit of self-doubt, and frankly, prioritizing my mental well-being over a high-powered career path,” she explained.

“My only financial commitment is a modest car loan, and I’m living with family to save money, not out of necessity.”

“I do have moments of wondering if I should want more, but then, I’m really into maintaining a balanced life. I’m working on myself, sticking with therapy, staying active with yoga, and generally trying to be a positive presence.”

The one thing that’s making her doubt the path that she’s on is dating. To be fair, she hasn’t been on dates in quite some time, which is due to personal reasons.

But, when she is ready to start dating again, she’s worried that guys might think her chill approach to ambition and her job is a major red flag.

H_Ko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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