She’s Humiliated That Her Best Friend Publicly Proposed To Her, As She Had No Idea He Thought They Were In A Relationship

Vasil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this 25-year-old woman started college two years ago, she met her 24-year-old best guy friend named Jordan.

She and Jordan became fast friends, especially since they live in the same dorm and are considered to be on the older side of college kids.

Although they don’t share the same major, they hang out constantly. They also joined some clubs and have gone out every single weekend.

Although she and Jordan do have other friends, they are still glued to the hip pretty much. Right now, they’re on spring break, and while they haven’t spent as much time together, they decided they would visit one another in their respective hometowns.

They thought this would be fun since they are from polar opposite places. Today, Jordan came to visit her in the big city she’s from.

Earlier this morning, she and Jordan went sightseeing, and they walked around some streets that are always full of various vendors.

She figured it would be exciting to have a caricature of herself done, as she has never had the opportunity to do this before and wanted to hang it in her dorm room.

She asked Jordan if he wanted to do it with her, but he said no. She then sat for a few minutes staring straight ahead at the artist, and when he completed it, she loved the drawing.

“So obviously, I turn to show it properly to Jordan,” she explained. “When I turn, though, I literally don’t even know what to say. He’s down on one knee, holding up a ring box.”

Vasil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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