She’s Not Interested In Attending Her Dad’s Wedding Because He Moved Three Hours Away With His Fiancée And Hasn’t Made Any Effort To See Her Family Since - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s father divorced her mother in October 2022 and moved three hours away. Since the divorce, her father got into a new relationship, and now he’s engaged and living with his fiancée. Their wedding date is set for September 1st of this year.

Her father doesn’t contact her or her sibling much anymore. He only reaches out via text or phone call about once a month. She has two daughters (3-years-old and 10-months-old). A couple of months ago, she introduced her father to her baby daughter, and he held her.

“He says he cannot come to see my family because his fibromyalgia acts up and is too much for his body to handle the travel,” she said.

Even though her father claims he can’t physically travel often, he takes frequent work trips and camped with his fiancée every weekend last summer. Also, he and his fiancée drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a week-long trip.

His fiancée regularly posts photos from excursions with her kids and grandkids on her father’s digital picture frame. It seems unfair to her that her father isn’t motivated to visit his own kids and grandkids.

“I know if I don’t go to his wedding, I’ll get some pretty serious guilt-tripping and backlash. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s dropping his children and grandchildren and has (in my opinion) replaced us with this new family he’s chosen for himself,” she explained.

After her father moved away and distanced himself from the family, she and her sibling told him how much this upset and saddened them. While she never knew why her father divorced her mother, her father was never a caring or kind father figure.

“If you say ‘no’ to him, his answer has always been, ‘Well, go away, then,’ and something like, ‘I won’t offer you this ever again,’ and really would not offer it again,” she shared.

Her father’s parents will be attending the wedding, and she had to cut off contact with them because of how horribly they treated her and her oldest daughter. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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