She’s Sharing All Of The Wisdom, Life Lessons, And Advice She Wishes She Knew Back When She Was 19-Years-Old Instead Of 44

One of Jennifer’s most popular 19 vs. 44 videos relates to body image.

“You’re thinking you’re fat now, but you’re gonna look at pictures of yourself in 10 years and realize that you aren’t,” says Jennifer.

“Care more about what your body can do.”

Jennifer also throws in some clever “warnings” by telling her 19-year-old self not to let her roommate cut her hair, to get her wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible, and to wear sunscreen.

Something that young people often struggle with is embarrassing moments. Sometimes, when we’re told that one day we’ll be able to look back on something we’ve done and laugh at it, or we won’t even remember it in a certain amount of years, we don’t want to believe it. However, Jennifer reminds us that cringy moments are a part of life.

“You’re gonna do some really cringe stuff, like really bad,” she says in one of her 19 vs. 44 videos. “But that’s okay, everyone does. Like, everyone. At a certain point, you get to where it doesn’t haunt you, and it’s more so an endearing part of your character.”

Jennifer’s TikTok viewers have been expressing their gratitude for her wisdom and advice in the comments section of her videos.

“You have such a warm and comforting presence,” commented one TikTok user.

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom!”

Is there anything you wish you could go back in time to warn or tell your teenage self about?


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