She’s Sitting In Bed Sobbing After The Most Amazing Man Ended Things With Her Since She Doesn’t Want Kids

okrasiuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three weeks ago, this 32-year-old woman met the most amazing man. She admits that a handful of weeks isn’t a long time to really get to know someone, but during those weeks, she found that this man checked nearly every single item on her wish list of things a man should be.

This man was incredibly smart, hilarious, and the kindest soul who clearly showed he cared fiercely for other people. He also gave wonderful hugs.

“But then I realized since I don’t want kids, before things can get serious, I needed to ask what he wanted in terms of kids,” she explained.

“I debated staying in blissful ignorance for a few months while I got to know him more, but ultimately that would just make it hurt more down the road.”

So, she brought up the topic of kids, and she asked him if he envisioned being a dad. He said that he did want kids, though he wished to be married before deciding to have them.

He then asked her how she felt about kids, and she confessed that she does not want them at all and honestly never did.

He questioned her about why she does not want to be a mom, and she didn’t hold back. She gave him the truth.

“I told him that I enjoyed my life the way that it is and just don’t have that desire,” she said. “I didn’t say this, but I don’t want to be woken in the night by a screaming baby, or change diapers, or have my life revolve around a tiny human.”

“I want to live a life where my partner and I have a great relationship filled with adventures and spontaneity and the money to do that by not having kids.”

okrasiuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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