A Homeless Man Called His Wife Dumb While They Were Out Celebrating Their Nine-Year Wedding Anniversary, So His Wife Said He Was A Coward For Not Fighting The Guy Over It

alones - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you visit a big city after living in a more suburban or rural area, you may see a few things that shock you. Unfortunately, you can never really know how you’ll react to things until they happen.

One man’s wife is upset with him after he didn’t stand up for her when a man on the street told her he was so much smarter than her.

He’s 30 and has a few kids with his 29-year-old wife. They live out in the country and decided to treat themselves to an overnight trip to their local big city for their ninth wedding anniversary. They got their parents to watch their kids and wanted to make the most of their first overnight trip alone in a long time.

Unfortunately, something happened that threw them for a loop. After walking around and seeing some sights, he and his wife came across electric scooters they could rent and use to ride around the city. The scooters required payment straight from their smartphones, and it took his wife a moment to figure it out.

“I set mine up on my phone, and it worked fine,” he said.

“However, my wife could not figure it out, so we switched scooters and phones. So she was using my original scooter and my phone, and I was on her scooter using her phone, trying to get it to work. [After] about ten minutes of me messing with it to no avail, this homeless man ran over with what he told us [was] two cases of stolen soda. He told us that we were dumb tourists.”

While he and his wife were taken aback, the man told him to hand over his wife’s phone and that he’d fix it. He let the man see the phone, and sure enough, he informed them that his wife’s payment hadn’t gone through and fixed it for them.

Once again, the man called him and his wife “dumb tourists.” He didn’t know how to respond, so he simply told the man he and his wife were from the country and not used to these sorts of things. 

“He said he is so much smarter than [my wife and I] and was practically a genius,” he recalled.

alones – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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