After She Slept With The Last Guy She Dated, He Told Her He Didn’t Want A Relationship, So Now She’s Scared Of Being Abandoned After Things Get Physical - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman admits that dating has not been easy for her in the least. With the last serious relationship she had, she was convinced that man was going to be the person she could spend forever with.

But then, he cheated on her, and she found out after 9 months of him not being faithful. He then began texting his ex, saying he missed her.

She could tell he wasn’t over his ex, and that actually hurt her worse than finding out about his physical cheating escapades. While she loved him with everything she had, she knew she wasn’t able to magically replace his ex.

When that relationship came to an end, she spent the following year single. She did then end up meeting a guy on a dating app, who was quite handsome.

She couldn’t believe he was single, and they went on several dates before she slept with him.

“When I asked for a relationship, I think he got scared or met another person, and he gave me some reasons, and [I] basically never heard back from him again,” she explained.

“So this hurt a lot. Now I’m back in the dating pool – I met this person from Bumble. He took the initiative and planned our first date. His profile says [he wants a] relationship. I clearly told him my intentions.”

On their first date, he wanted to kiss her, but she declined since they had only just met one another.

Then their second date happened, and she mentioned she wanted to do something low-key. This guy planned an entire picnic for her, complete with bread, salami, and different cheeses. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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