During Her Dad’s Engagement Dinner, She Exposed Him For Having An Affair And Remaining With His Mistress-Turned-Fiancée While Her Mom Was Dying From Cancer

dikushin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As if losing your mom or dad at a young age wasn’t hard enough, it can be even harder to see your widowed parent move on and start dating someone new,

One teenager and her sister recently got into trouble with their dad after spilling the truth about the timeline of his relationship with his fiancée at his engagement party. 

She’s 16-years-old and has a 15-year-old sister. Tragically, they lost their mom to cancer when they were 11 and 12. Her parents were married when her mom became sick, but around the time of her mom’s diagnosis, it was discovered that her dad had cheated on her several times.

To make matters worse, when her mom found out her cancer was terminal, her dad decided to move in with his affair partner, leaving her and her sister to care for their mom. Her dad tried coming back around during her mom’s final weeks, but his relationship with her and her sister would never be the same. 

To this day, she and her sister still resent their dad for his abandonment and disloyalty to their mom. They refused to live with him and his girlfriend after their mom passed, so they moved in with their maternal grandparents but were required to visit their dad one weekend a month.

“Dad and his last affair partner were on and off for a few years,” she said.

“We found out one of her kids was actually his, and that kid is six now. She has an 8-year-old as well, so there’s messy stuff on her end, too. We don’t ever see or interact with them. Dad and his affair partner are now engaged and wanted an engagement party with family and friends. Dad insisted we had to be part of that [and] made us use the engagement dinner as our visitation with him.”

She and her sister dreaded the idea of going to the engagement party but didn’t want to mess up their visitation rules. At the party, she and her sister were disturbed by how their dad and his girlfriend acted as if everything was normal between them.

At one point, her dad’s fiancée told her how excited she was to officially be one of their parents, which made her very uncomfortable.

dikushin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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