She Convinced Her Son Not To Invite The Class Bully To His Birthday Party, But Her Husband Thinks She Shouldn’t Have Interfered

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This woman’s 5-year-old son (who is turning 6 soon) is classmates with a boy named Andrew in his kindergarten class. Andrew is the class bully and has intentionally upset her son several times during the school year. Unfortunately, Andrew has also bullied several other classmates.

She’s planning her son’s 6th birthday party, and while she was looking over the guest list, her son told her he wanted Andrew to come to the party, too. In response, she asked if he was certain because Andrew didn’t sound kind to him or his classmates.

“I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to end up upset at your party–especially you. It’s your birthday, and you deserve to be as happy as possible!'” she said.

Two weeks into the school year, Andrew’s bullying behavior reared its ugly head. During recess, witnesses saw her son with his pants down on the playground, and when she asked what happened, he sobbed and said that Andrew found it hilarious to race up to him and pull down his pants.

As her son relayed the story, he expressed that he would never have pulled down his pants because he knew that was not right or appropriate. Andrew also swore at her son and made rude hand gestures out of nowhere. Her son has always been truthful and up-front for his age, so he told her about all of Andrew’s bullying the day the situation happened.

“Andrew has pushed him down and yelled in his face, telling him that he’s a creep and nobody should even want to be his friend,” she explained.

Throughout the school year, Andrew has bullied several other classmates in the same way he’s bullied her son, who has sobbed after school many times because of the torment. She learned that other children in the class cried while telling their parents about Andrew’s behavior.

After discussing the idea of inviting Andrew to his birthday party, her son decided not to invite Andrew after all because he agreed that it was important to prioritize his mental health and take his guests’ mental health into consideration.

According to her husband, she’s a jerk for getting involved and trying to persuade their son not to invite Andrew to his party. While she can understand her husband’s perspective, she thinks it’s important to avoid allowing a bully who would create issues to attend the party.

digitalskillet1 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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