He Gave His Fiancée $1,500 Last Month And She Blew It All, So He Asked To See Her Bank Statements To Find Out What She’s Spending His Money On And Got Accused Of Not Trusting Her

Songsak C - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his fiancée have been struggling with their relationship recently. He’s Korean American and was born in the Chicagoland area, and his fiancée is Korean and moved from Korea to the United States later in life.

They started living together in a house he purchased not long ago, and he’s begun noticing their drastic cultural differences. He and his fiancée recently argued about finances.

“I’ve been giving her about $1,200 monthly for her rent and living expenses. But since we moved in together, I haven’t been making her pay any rent or anything like that,” he said.

Since he bought their home, he’s been paying all their bills and utilities. He buys their groceries and items for their home on Amazon. In addition, he paid for their gym memberships and purchased their wedding bands in advance.

After purchasing their home, he’s had a tight budget, especially after buying pricey furniture and fancy wedding bands. His fiancée is unemployed but is working on her Optional Practical Training and plans to work for a non-profit.

Her Master’s degree isn’t in a field that will provide her with a high salary. His fiancée’s parents have been giving her money, and he hoped to start supporting her more so that her parents no longer needed to give her as much money.

“I make about $8,000 per month, but money is still tight with the down payment, emergency fund, and big purchases I’ve been funding. I gave my fiancée about $1,500 last month,” he explained.

Yesterday, his fiancée requested more money, and he was stunned. Since he was paying their bills and other expenses, he didn’t understand how she could spend that much money.

He questioned what she’d spent the $1,500 on, and she listed a few small expenses, but they couldn’t have possibly added up to $1,500.

Songsak C – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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