“Ghostbusting” Is The Latest Trend In Dating, With Singles Either Calling Out Or Trying To Get A Response From Those Who Have Left Them High And Dry

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been ‘ghosted’ by someone you were going out with? As a woman in her 20s navigating dating in a big city, I’ve been ghosted several times.

One time, it hurt terribly as I was ghosted by someone I had been involved with for months. Other times, it was confusing and insulting, but I eventually got over it. 

Still, getting ghosted several times can traumatize a person, and I will always be hesitant to be completely vulnerable with the men I date because I have fears of getting ghosted again.

Because of my experiences with being ghosted, I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard of the new dating term, ‘ghostbusting.’

In the dating world, ghostbusting doesn’t have anything to do with the cult-classic film “Ghostbusters.” It’s more of an umbrella term for all the ways in which people try to call out or gain attention from those who ghosted them.

Although so many people have been ghosted by dates, especially since the rise of online dating, no one has seemed to come up with the perfect response to ghosting that guarantees closure.

Hence why, ghostbusting has become a thing. Everyone has different opinions on what to do after someone stops communicating with you.

Some people out there believe the best form of ghostbusting is spamming the ‘ghost’ with texts and calls until they can no longer be ignored. Or until they get blocked.

This will either get the ghost to respond and give them the closure they deserve or officially end things by preventing them from reaching out.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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