He Admitted To His Coworker He Won’t Date Her Because Of Her “Unbearable” Kid

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is a widower with a 7-year-old child. Since the passing of his wife, he’s dated single mothers and wouldn’t be opposed to doing so again. He’s worked with a woman named Pam for about two years, and she’s wonderful, attractive, and a great employee.

Throughout the time he’s known her, he’s grown to appreciate her as a co-worker and considered her a friend. Pam divorced her now ex-husband a year ago, and she’s dived into the dating scene over the past several months but hasn’t been in any committed relationships yet.

“The problem is her son, 13, is unbearable to me. It’s hard to say how much is his fault as he does have Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and I suspect some other things as well,” he said.

Pam’s son constantly throws fits one would normally see in a child significantly younger. Her son’s school has suspended him on numerous occasions.

During these suspensions, Pam has had to bring her son to work with him and watch him during her shifts. Unfortunately, her son manages to cause problems at the workplace, too.

“As far as non-predators go, he’s the worst kid I’ve ever been around. About a month ago, we were at a work function, and dating came up, and she asked me if I was seeing anybody,” he explained.

He responded that he wasn’t dating anyone at the moment, and when Pam suggested that they date since they have such a great connection, he explained that he doesn’t feel comfortable dating co-workers.

Initially, Pam accepted his response, but later, she rationalized that several of their co-workers met at their workplace and started successful relationships with one another.

Since he and Pam don’t work in the same department or on the same floor, they don’t work closely together or run into one another daily.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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