He Blocked His Parents Because They Scolded Him For Moving On So Quickly After Finding Out His Ex-Girlfriend Of Seven Years Had An Affair

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Several days ago, this man’s now ex-girlfriend cheated on him, and he ended their seven-year relationship.

As soon as he learned of her infidelity, he sent her a message that they were no longer together before blocking her phone number and blocking her on social media. He didn’t gossip about his ex after he dumped her and felt like he handled the situation maturely.

A decade ago, he moved to the United Kingdom to go to college, and he immediately made friends with a guy who helped him transition to his life abroad.

They’ve been good friends ever since. Yesterday, he made plans to get together with a woman he’d met online. While hanging out, he posted a photo of him and the woman on his private Instagram stories.

“Unfortunately, my close friend snitched to my ex about me moving on so quickly, which led to my ex bawling her eyes out to my parents and them scolding me, so I cut off my close friend,” he said.

His friend’s decision to tattle to his ex-girlfriend that he was hanging out with another woman days after the breakup felt like a horrible betrayal.

Despite ending both a long-term relationship and friendship in the span of a few days, he was emotionally numb for the most part. He didn’t feel sad, but he felt guilty about how he treated his parents during the drama.

During the conversation with his parents, after his ex-girlfriend cried to them, they lectured him and said he should have listened to her point of view before ending the relationship. He thought this was so ludicrous that he laughed because his ex’s point of view wasn’t valid since she cheated on him and betrayed his trust.

“I don’t understand why my parents love my ex so much but hate me. So, I finally had enough and decided to message them, telling them I want nothing to do with them,” he explained.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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