He Called His Friend Toxic After She Said A Guy She Liked Was Creepy For Bringing His Sick Mom Flowers Every Sunday

Petro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had someone misconstrue the idea of relationship boundaries? For instance, a boundary shouldn’t have much to do with your partner’s hobbies.

One man recently had to give his friend and coworker a reality check after she listed her relationship ‘boundaries’ that were plain ridiculous.

He’s 27 and works with a 26-year-old woman named Abby. They became friends after working together for over seven years. They’re both single and looking for relationships.

Recently, he and Abby went out for dinner and talked about how they weren’t having much success meeting people on dating apps. Abby began talking about how she met a seemingly perfect guy, as he was 30, lived in his own place, and had a stable job. However, she said that he gave her ‘the ick’ out of the blue.

When he asked Abby what the guy did to give her the ick, she said she got creeped out by the fact that he visits his mom every Sunday and gives her flowers. He learned that the guy’s mom was in a nursing home after suffering a brain injury.

He asked Abby why the man’s commitment to his mom was creepy, and she said she didn’t like how it made him look like a mama’s boy.

“I asked her why [that] gave her the ick, and she started listing [her] boundaries,” he recalled.

“[For example,] a guy can’t spend time with his female family members on the weekends. A guy can’t have more than one pair of shoes unless the second is for work, and a guy has to respect that she’s a ‘Daddy’s girl’ at heart and will call her daddy for everything she needs. Ew.”

He gave Abby a confused look and finally told her that referring to herself as a “Daddy’s girl” at 26 was weirder than a man visiting his sick mom with flowers. Abby became very angry and defensive, so he decided to give her a reality check.

Petro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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