He Canceled His Girlfriend’s Birthday Dinner With Her Parents At A Fancy Restaurant After She Intentionally Burned His $200 Steaks

Eva Soukupova - - illustrative purposes only

This 31-year-old man and his girlfriend, 27, have been dating for a year and living together for six months. A few weeks ago, he splurged on Wagyu steaks he ordered online for $200. He’s passionate about cooking and has never cooked a Wagyu steak before.

On Thursday night, the steaks arrived, and he planned for him and his girlfriend to eat them for dinner the following night. His girlfriend was apathetic about the idea because she didn’t like steak too much, but she told him she’d eat it with him.

Unfortunately, he and his girlfriend had a silly fight before he left for work on Friday morning. He owned the home they lived in, and he was in the middle of a home repair project with the garage. His girlfriend didn’t agree with the way he was renovating it and how he was spending money on the project.

“She kept trying to assert authority over the decisions I made. She then brought up the Wagyu steaks as evidence that I was wasting money on the project and expensive food,” he said.

After their fight, he was crabby when he left for work. That afternoon, he texted his girlfriend to say he wanted to discuss their issues after he got home from work, hopefully, once he’d calmed down.

She never responded, and he was done with work at 5:30 p.m. He was excited to cook the Wagyu steaks for dinner. However, the moment he got home, the house reeked of smoke.

“My girlfriend greeted me, grabbed my hand, and led me to the table. She said, ‘Dinner is served.’ The steaks were pitch black. Completely inedible. Eating them would have been a health hazard. I asked what she had been thinking, and she theatrically gasped, with her hand over her mouth, and then said, ‘Oh? Me?'” he explained.

There was no possible way his girlfriend burned the steaks on accident. He knew she must have cooked them in a frying pan without any butter or oil, with the heat on the burner turned up all the way, allowing the steaks to cook as long as possible.

“I called her on her lie. She kept being obtuse. She kept using little phrases like, ‘Oh, aren’t you happy?’ and ‘Oh, weren’t you looking forward to these steaks?’ I’ve never been so disgusted with her,” he shared.

Eva Soukupova – – illustrative purposes only

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