He Doesn’t Want To Date Anyone Who Has Kids, Even If He Meets The Perfect Woman, But His Friends Believe His Stance Is Unrealistic

Friends Stock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old man hasn’t had a lot of luck in the dating world. He has a good career, an active social life, stays fit, and has a variety of interests. Despite being a well-rounded person, he’s struggled with dating.

A while ago, he and his friends were discussing his dating life, and they’d previously thought he’d be comfortable or willing to go out with women who had children. When he told them he wouldn’t be, they were stunned.

In his friends’ view, there’s a higher likelihood that prospective dates in their age group would have children from previous relationships, and they’ll see this more and more as they get older, which he knew was true.

“They argue that I shouldn’t limit myself to only people with no kids, as that pool is getting smaller, and beggars shouldn’t be choosers. Again, they’re not wrong,” he said.

While he isn’t opposed to having children in the future, he doesn’t want to deal with the potential restrictions and complications of someone who has children at the beginning of a relationship. He has enough disposable income to take international vacations or weekend trips, and he enjoys the fact that he doesn’t have anything holding him down or preventing that freedom.

If he started dating someone, he’d enjoy spending several years traveling together, which is not unrealistic, in his opinion. After dating long enough, if he and his girlfriend eventually decided they were ready to have kids, he’d be happy to.

“This isn’t a stance of ‘must be my own’ or anything like that. But I’m bringing a lot to the table, and I would want a potential partner to bring the same,” he explained.

He enjoys the idea of a relationship where they can go to the beach at 1 a.m., hang out together on a relaxing Sunday morning, or hook up in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon. He acknowledged that these simple things and this dynamic in a relationship aren’t feasible with kids.

“If we never get to have the ‘fun years’ before the kids, we’d be missing arguably the best part of the relationship. ‘But what if you meet the perfect woman, but her only flaw is that she has a couple of kids?’ is something that gets asked of me now,” he shared.

Friends Stock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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