He Found Out His Girlfriend Knowingly Dated And Had A Baby With A Guy Who Got A Bunch Of Other Women Pregnant And Ditched Them Before Her, So He Broke Up With Her

Kateryna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy has been dating a 30-year-old single mother for a little under a year, and from the start, he knew she had a child – who is now 2-years-old. He was totally fine with that, too.

The only question he had was whether or not the baby’s father would be around often, and his girlfriend said that he wouldn’t be.

“I asked because I know some baby daddies can be crazy with their baby momma’s new boyfriends, so I wanted to know what I was gonna get into,” he recalled.

Anyway, that was pretty much all they talked about in regard to her child’s father until more recently, when his girlfriend’s cousin had a birthday party.

After receiving the invite, his girlfriend asked him to attend the party with her. Then, when they arrived, he realized that one of his girlfriend’s cousins was also pregnant.

However, what shocked him was when his girlfriend’s cousin started complaining about the father of her child – calling the guy a bum who ditched her. He couldn’t help but realize that the father of her baby had the same name as the father of his girlfriend’s child.

At that point, he asked his girlfriend about the coincidence and found out that both his girlfriend and her cousin shared the same baby daddy.

“So I jokingly asked if he has any more baby mommas, and my girlfriend said yes,” he revealed.

He was surprised by that and kept asking more questions. This led him to discover that the same guy had gotten four different women pregnant and ditched them all before dating his girlfriend. To make matters worse, his girlfriend actually knew about the guy’s track record and still decided to enter a relationship with him anyway!

Kateryna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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