She Thinks If You Don’t Want To Run The Risk Of Having A Disabled Child, You Shouldn’t Have Kids

didesign - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has witnessed a lot of posts on social media from parents who are upset because they have children with disabilities or special needs, such as Down syndrome or autism.

Sometimes, she sees parents freak out or mourn their own kids for what they have been diagnosed with, to the extent that they blame or resent their child.

She hates seeing when moms and dads make excuses such as that doesn’t run in their family, so they don’t understand why their child had to be born the way they are.

“Parents shouldn’t go in blind, thinking “it can’t happen to MY kid,” she explained. “They need to sit down and think before trying to make a kid. “Would I really be able to care for and love/accept a special needs child?”

“Because anything can happen, and once you conceive a child, anything that happens after that is genetic roulette, and the parents essentially signed up for however the kid turns out to be.”

“So the moral is, if you don’t want a disabled child, don’t have kids. It can be extremely damaging to a child who is struggling with a condition such as autism but is also perceptive enough to notice if a parent resents them or be an outright target of resentment.”

She went through this exact scenario with her own father, who has since passed away, and it nearly ruined her life.

She has gone to therapy over the years to try to deal with her father’s resentment of wanting a child without challenges.

She says when you wish for your child to be normal and then are angry when that doesn’t happen, it not only affects moms and dads, it directly affects their children, who can tell that they’re resentful of them.

didesign – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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