She Feels Betrayed That Her Boyfriend Is Backing Out Of Buying A House Together

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This 29-year-old woman has a boyfriend the same age as her. They have been dating for several years, and they live together in a house that she owns.

She has always planned on living with a man first before buying a home together. The thing is, her house is tiny and doesn’t have a nice garden or decent parking.

Her house is also in a less-than-ideal location, so these are the reasons why she has dreamed of selling her place and getting something new.

When she brought all this up to her boyfriend, that was when he said he was hesitant to jump in and purchase a house before they tested out living together, so he moved in with her five months ago.

They then began looking at homes to buy, and she put her own house up for sale.

“Throughout the last few months we’ve gone to house viewings on multiple weekends, told our friends and family, and gotten excited about certain houses and how to make them our own,” she explained.

“Now I’m in a position to sell and we’ve found a lovely house but he’s just told me he’s gotten cold feet and it’s all happening at once and he wants to back out.”

“He wants to potentially buy solo and commute to each other’s house, or save up and buy in the future potentially years down the line.”

She can’t help but feel betrayed, as they have spent months looking at houses, and now her boyfriend wants to back out without a good reason.

Paul Bradbury/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only

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