She Owns A Small Tattoo Studio And Refused To Give A Customer A Tattoo Because They Smelled Horrible, So Now She’s Getting Blasted On Social Media Over It

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This 25-year-old woman owns a small tattoo studio and shares it with two other tattoo artists. One day, a woman came into the studio and inquired if they accept walk-in clients. The second the woman pulled the door open and walked in, she smelled something awful.

“The only way I can best describe this smell is if you’ve ever gone to any sort of public festival and have ever had to go inside a porta potty toward the end of the night,” she said.

She was instantly reminded of the disgusting smells inside tiny porta potties. While attempting not to pay attention to the stench, she spoke with the woman and gave her the necessary information. The woman then described the tattoo she was hoping to get.

“The girl wants a small scripture on her forearm, so we start heading back, and I print out the stencil. She took off her shirt since she wore a long sleeve,” she explained.

The smell was so terrible by this point that she nearly passed out. She knew she couldn’t continue and had to say something. So, she explained that she couldn’t do the tattoo that day but assured her she could return a different day.

The woman questioned why she couldn’t do the tattoo that day, and she was struggling to find the words to kindly express that it was because she smelled awful.

“How do you tell someone their smell is borderline toxic? I let her know verbatim, ‘The current state you’re in is inappropriate for a tattoo session. I’m sorry for sounding harsh, but the smell that’s going on right now will make this tattoo impossible,'” she shared.

After that, she told the woman she was welcome to return to the studio another day. The woman stood up and walked out without a word, and she assumed she would never come back. When the woman first walked in, one of the other tattoo artists was nearby.

Once the woman left in a huff, her colleague questioned what the terrible stench was that continued to waft through the air. Later, her colleague stumbled across a video the woman posted on social media and sent it to her.

proimagecontent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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