He Overheard His Wife Confessing That She Never Loved Him, And Only Got Married To Him Because She Was Pregnant

Miljan Zivkovic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

15 years ago, this 39-year-old man met his 38-year-old wife, and they got married 12 years ago. Unfortunately, he recently overheard his wife confessing to one of her friends that she does not love him and never did at all.

Apparently, his wife only got married to him because she was pregnant. His wife was hoping that after she had their baby, she could potentially fall in love with him, though it never ended up working out like that.

After his wife’s friend left their home, he instantly confronted his wife about what he heard her say. This led to a very emotional conversation between them, and his wife didn’t deny what she said.

Sadly, it’s true. She’s not in love with him.

“I asked her why she married me then,” he explained. “She said she’d rather marry a man she doesn’t love but who treats her right, with respect, and takes care of her and her children than a man she loves but who is a fool, incompetent, or lazy.”

“I was shocked and hurt. I asked her what she thinks about our marriage, and she said it’s the marriage she always wanted. To our credit, our marriage is really good.”

“Respect is everything, so we never overstep each other’s boundaries, and when we have a problem, we figure it out as a team. She never cheated…or did anything like that because she respects me too much, respects our marriage, and loves our children – her words, not mine. She also said she knows it’s the same on my part.”

He let his wife know that he wants a bit of time to process all of this, and she said he could take as much time as he feels he needs.

She also stated she is not going to leave him, but whatever he chooses to do, she will accept. Honestly, he really does not know what he should do.

Miljan Zivkovic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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