He Pretended To Lose His Wallet And Ditched A First Date With A Girl He Met Online After She Assumed He Was Buying Them Both A Pizza When The Whole Thing Had Been Her Idea

fahrwasser - - illustrative purposes only

When TikToker Dallas (@dallas_ponzo) was 20-years-old, he went on a date with a girl he met on a dating app. She suggested that they order some pizza from a local pizza place. When he went to pick it up, he assumed that she had already placed the order since it was her idea.

At the pizza place, he was told that his pizza was nowhere to be found. So, he called the girl and asked if she had made the order. She was clearly annoyed and told him that he was supposed to buy it.

Obviously, they had run into a bit of a miscommunication issue because he was totally unaware that was what she had expected him to do.

After he ordered the pizza, he drove over to the girl’s place. She lived in a two-story apartment. When he arrived, she suggested that they take her dog on a walk.

It had been raining the day before, so the ground was still slightly wet. She asked Dallas to pick up her dog and carry it down the stairs.

He didn’t question it at first, but as they walked, they came across a small, shallow puddle, and she asked him to pick her dog up again. This time, he refused, thinking her request was super odd since there was barely any water on the ground.

Then, they reached a park, where she complained about how she was scared that guys would assault her because she was so pretty.

Once Dallas heard that, he made a plan to ditch the date. After they walked back to her place, he pretended to have lost his wallet. When they went to check his car, he acted like he was busily searching for it. Then, he announced that he must have left it at the park.

The girl glared at him, asking if he was sure. She proceeded to reach over and pat down his front pockets, trying to feel for his wallet. Luckily, it wasn’t there.

fahrwasser – – illustrative purposes only

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