He Snapped At His Date After She Brought Her Friend And Expected Him To Pay For All Three Of Them To Have Dinner

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Have you ever had a friend look out for you while you were on a date with someone you met online? For instance, some people will ask their friends to stay near the coffee shop or bar where they meet their date in case things go awry.

One man recently snapped at his date after she brought her friend to the date and expected him to pay for all three of them.

He’s 27 and met a 23-year-old woman on a dating app a while back. They started exchanging messages off the app and got along really well. The woman confided in him that her ex left her with a lot of anxiety issues.

So, she had an interesting request when they scheduled their first dinner date.

“We get around to scheduling a dinner date at a restaurant I really love, and she asked me if her friend could come as well to make her feel safe,” he recalled.

“I was a little surprised at first and thought it might make the date a bit awkward, honestly. But I told her that’d be fine if it helped her feel comfortable. I’d heard about this kind of thing before anyways, so I figured it’s some new thing women are doing to sus out bad dudes.”

He expected that his date might’ve had her friend sit at a different table or only stay with them for a few minutes before giving them some privacy. But no.

When he got to the restaurant, his date arrived with her best friend dressed just as nicely as her, and they sat down at the table as if they were both being wined and dined.

“I asked the friend directly what her plans were for this, [like] if she planned to just hang out if she was ordering for herself,” he recalled.

ahiraoahirao – – illustrative purposes only

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