He Snapped At His Date After She Brought Her Friend And Expected Him To Pay For All Three Of Them To Have Dinner

“The friend started getting a bit aggressive with me almost right off the bat, telling me she’s basically a part of the date too and expecting me to pay for everyone.”

“I had already offered to pay for me, and the girl I was taking on the date, but her friend’s bill wasn’t ever mentioned. In my head, I figured this would’ve been something where the friend was there just in case, but I didn’t figure this would mean they’d actually be participating in the date.”

Once he was tired of their attitudes, he had to say what was on his mind. He told them this wasn’t cool and that he wouldn’t have agreed to the friend being there if he had known he’d also be taking her out for dinner.

Finally, he told them the situation was plain weird, and both women left.

Now, he is starting to feel guilty for having an outburst, and although he believes his feelings are valid, he should’ve considered leaving the date without making a fuss.

Was he too rude to his date and her friend, or was his reaction valid?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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