He Stopped Hugging His Fiancée’s Twin Sister At Family Gatherings Because It Weirds Him Out How Similar They Are, But His Fiancée Thinks It’s Rude And Said He Needed To Get Over Himself

Alen-D - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always found it wild when people date someone with an identical twin and worry they won’t be able to tell the difference between their partner and their twin.

One man recently stopped hugging his fiancée’s twin sister at family gatherings because it weirds him out how similar they are.

He’s 29, and his fiancée is 27. They’ve been together for five years. His fiancée has an identical twin sister he met in person for the first time until recently after they got engaged.

Through FaceTime calls and pictures, he knew his fiancée and her sister looked alike, but he didn’t realize just how much until he saw her twin in person.

“She looks so identical to my fiancée to the point where I have to look at my fiancée’s nose from the side to be able to tell them apart,” he explained.

“When we first met at a family gathering, I hugged her like I did all the other family members, and it felt so weird because it 100% felt like I was hugging my fiancée. They felt the exact same between my arms.”

“Since we moved and are living in the city right next to my in-laws, I’ve seen her a few more times and would dodge the hug from her and give her a side hug or pat on the shoulder. It’s awkward, I know, but I’d rather not hug her anymore.”

Recently, his fiancée confronted him and said she thought it was rude that he didn’t hug her twin like he did her other relatives.

While she refused to say exactly who, he knew a few of her relatives complained to her about the hug situation, as it caught several people’s attention.

Alen-D – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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