He Took A Girl Out On Four Dates Before Saying He Likes Her, But He Felt Blindsided When She Friendzoned Him

malkovkosta - - illustrative purposes only

This guy met a girl through a social media group for his college. He decided to invite this girl out on a date to grab coffee not too long ago, and she said yes.

She was quite kind, and during their first date, he made sure to compliment her frequently so she would know he was into her.

“On the second date, I took her to a nice, expensive restaurant,” he explained. “I always sat close to her, complimented her, and she seemed to enjoy it.”

“I was convinced there was a connection between us. On our next date, I bought her a nice gift, and she liked it. And on our last date, I started to show more clearly that I liked her.”

He did make a move on her, touching her face as well as her hair on their fourth date. He kind of thought she was giving him some mixed messages, so he stopped what he was doing.

Throughout their text messages surrounding their dates, this girl would always say she was happy to have met him, and she would send along stickers or emojis.

But following their most recent date, she stopped being so warm, and she very suddenly put some space in between them.

“Unable to bear it, I told her I liked her,” he said. “In response, she said she only saw me as a friend and thought we got along well.”

“I was shocked. Despite all this, how could she not realize that I liked her?!? My friends thought we were dating and in a relationship. I’m not unhappy, but I’m not happy either. I feel like my heart is broken, and I’ve lost something I loved.”

malkovkosta – – illustrative purposes only

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