Her Best Friend Is Having An Affair With Their Married Coworker, And She Said She Doesn’t Care About This Guy’s Poor Wife

Art_Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Four months ago, this 25-year-old woman decided to recommend her 25-year-old best friend, Jane, for a job at her company.

She works as a receptionist for a very high-end hotel, and her company is extremely picky when hiring people.

Although Jane had virtually zero experience, she riskily vouched for Jane. In hindsight, she wishes she never did this, but Jane always worked her heart out, and she thought it would be cool to work with her.

She trained Jane for her first month on the job, and everything came pretty naturally to Jane. Then, when training was over, they began working opposite shifts.

At this point in time, she began picking up on some strange vibes between Jane and their 35-year-old chief receptionist, John.

One evening, when she showed up for a shift, she caught John and Jane giggling together, and they seemed far too close for coworkers.

When John and Jane spotted her, they played things off way too cooly, which made her even more suspicious of their relationship.

Throughout the last several months, John and Jane have consistently been acting strange, and she did her best to pretend this couldn’t be reality.

John and his wife just welcomed a baby together, and John’s wife comes in to visit him at work four or five times each week. Frequently, she will bring their baby along with her.

Art_Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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