Her Boyfriend’s Threatening To Break Up Unless She Allows His Violent Son To Come Live With Them

Jr. hit the living room window, and even though she tried to intervene, he ended up breaking it and hurting her further.

“There was a lot of arguing and yelling, and at one point, he even grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed through a baking sheet on the stove,” she explained.

“He did come at me for a moment, but he ended up throwing the knife at the refrigerator. Eventually, Jr. locked himself in his bedroom, hopped out the window, and left the house.”

“This whole fight left me with a bump on my head, some bruising on my arm, and just generally sore from trying to restrain him.”

She quickly called the police to go get Jr. As that was happening, she desperately tried to get a hold of Jay but couldn’t.

She also tried to call Kelly, but the number she had for Kelly was disconnected. Eventually, she got through to Jay, and he went to go meet with the police officers who had picked Jr. up.

Jay then took Jr. back to Kelly’s home, and when he returned, there was a lot of sobbing on her part.

She regrets everything and wishes she just let Jr. take the toy in the first place, which would have avoided this situation.

Jr. is supposed to come live with her and Jay this upcoming summer and maybe stay longer than that.

What happened when it was just the two of them has made her rethink this, and she no longer wants Jr. living in her house until he gets the help he needs and can prove his behavior is better. She’s on the small side, and Jr. is already much taller than she is.

“He’s only going to get bigger,” she said. “I’m honestly worried that this will happen again, and he might actually seriously hurt me or someone else.”

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