Her Date Screamed At Her In The Middle Of A Fast Food Restaurant And Called Her Worthless

ManuPadilla - - illustrative purposes only

In 2017, TikToker Maddie (@maddie_sue22) had a horrible date at a fraternity formal. She was not involved in Greek life during college, but at one point, she started talking to a guy who was in a fraternity. One weekend, he asked her if she wanted to be his date at his fraternity formal in Nashville.

She agreed, thinking it would be really fun. It was her first time doing something like this, and she didn’t know anyone else who was going, but she could easily make friends with people. Maddie also naively believed that he must like her a lot if he was inviting her to such a big event.

He told her that the girls typically decorated the coolers for the alcohol. She was in design school, so she felt a lot of pressure to make it look really nice.

She spent hours painting designs only to realize later that all the other girls simply slapped theirs together without much creative thought.

When it came time to head to Nashville, they got on a bus to make the trip. Once they were settled, he told Maddie that it was tradition for him to drink a bottle of whiskey whenever he was on that bus.

Of course, not being familiar with Greek life, she thought it might have been a normal thing for him to do.

After a while, she noticed that he was drunk. When the bus stopped at a fast food restaurant in Kentucky, they stood in line to order some food.

While they were there, he asked her where his best friend TJ was. She told him that he might have gone back to the bus. He screamed at her in the middle of the restaurant, saying that she was worthless.

Later, at the hotel, he declared that he was hungover and didn’t want to go out. Maddie ordered a pizza, and they stayed in the room to rest up for the formal the next day. By the time they were at the formal, she was feeling really awkward and wished she had a friend there for support.

ManuPadilla – – illustrative purposes only

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