Her Ex’s New Girlfriend Stalked Her On Social Media For Months, Then Sent A Passive-Aggressive Message

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A couple of months back, this 47-year-old woman noticed her 48-year-old ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was stalking her on social media.

This woman spent months simply watching every story she posted to Instagram. She didn’t have a problem with this at first; however, things escalated after she had to talk to her ex.

She reached out to her ex to request that he return a key of hers that is still in his possession. While she was asking for her key back, she told her ex what his girlfriend was up to.

“I mentioned to him that she is watching my stories and that I hope it is out of curiosity and not insecurity…that I hope he is making her feel secure in the relationship,” she explained.

Later on that same day, her ex’s girlfriend sent her a strange message on Instagram. Since her account is private, the message went into the request folder, and she didn’t notice it until a handful of days later.

“Good evening! It was my pleasure to introduce myself in this chat as (she wrote her name here)! I learned you might have some concerns/complaints about my activity on IG,” her ex’s girlfriend wrote to her.

“Moving forward, please address them directly with me. I’ll be happy to actively listen to you as we are both adult women. Here is my number for your convenience. Have a wonderful night, and happy Eclipse day!”

She couldn’t help but think that her ex’s girlfriend was being passive-aggressive in her bizarre note.

She did want to figure out a good reply, but after some consideration, she is now on the fence about writing back at all.

Fotoluminate LLC – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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