Her Husband Said He’s Divorcing Her After She Mentioned She Didn’t Want Him Dating Other Women

Anton - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last night, while this 26-year-old woman was having dinner with her husband, who is the same age as her, he brought up something that left her absolutely speechless.

Her husband told her that he wants the freedom to date other women. Apparently, he feels that since he’s married and doesn’t get to experience the single life anymore, dating attractive women will make him feel better.

He also argued that it will improve his self-esteem to go out there and meet women who are interested in him.

“I felt offended and speechless by this suggestion,” she explained. “He said they wouldn’t be real dates because he wouldn’t [sleep] with them; he would just come home to me, and that he just needed to get out and have dinner with people who aren’t me.”

“I told him he can go out to dinner with anyone and go out with friends, including female friends, any time he wanted to, but that seeking out women he finds attractive specifically to go on “dates” with them to feel single again is not okay.”

“He’s upset and says I’m untrustworthy as a wife because he can’t come to me with a “simple and harmless suggestion that doesn’t break any boundaries” without me getting defensive/upset/angry and then said that it’s because I’m insecure that I don’t want him to do this.”

She got so frustrated with her husband that she did end up raising her voice at him a bit, as she can’t believe he would ask to essentially open up their marriage.

It’s not that she’s insecure; it’s that she believes her husband’s desire to go on dates with other women is inappropriate.

Her husband doubled down and accused her of being the unreasonable one, as well as in the wrong.

Anton – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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