Her Husband Is Writing A Book, And He Calls Her Selfish When She Asks To Spend Time With Him

She asks her husband when they can have a date night or do other things together, and he brushes her away, stating he needs all of his attention to be on his book.

Not only have they not been on a date in 6 months, but her husband has not seen any of his loved ones or friends in that time period either.

“I said to him a couple of days ago, “I’m sick of this; I feel so disconnected from you. I know you want to write your book, but you’re completely neglecting me. We haven’t been out together in months,” she added.

“He then proceeded to call me selfish, saying that if he spent loads of his already limited free time with me, it would take him “decades” to finish the book; I was so disappointed.”

“How do I talk to him? How do I make him understand me?”

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