Her Second Date With A Guy Felt More Like A Business Meeting Because He Kept Pretending They Were At An Interview And Insulting Her Personality, Looks, And The Fact She Didn’t Attend An Ivy League School

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Experiencing chemistry on dates is always a hit or miss. Sometimes, you instantly click with the other person, and other times, there just seems to be no spark at all.

TikToker Gala (@galadiaries) went on a second date with a guy she had only known for a couple of days, and the date was more like a business meeting than anything else.

She decided to go out with him because he was one of the only guys who showed interest in her business and the fact that she was an entrepreneur, which she initially viewed as a green flag. But, during their date, he took things a little too far.

He kept pretending like they were at an interview, asking what her best qualities were. It was a little funny at first, but the joke quickly got old.

Secondly, he wouldn’t stop insulting her looks, her personality, and how she did not go to an Ivy League school.

He also accused her of not being able to keep a conversation going even though the entire time she was with him, he continued talking, barely letting her get a word in.

When he allowed her to answer his questions about business, he would pick apart her responses and deem them inadequate.

The only piece of information she really knew about him was that he went to an Ivy League school and wanted to become a politician, so she tried to ask him questions to get to know him better, like if he had a sweet tooth or enjoyed skateboarding.

He thought her questions were random and meaningless. Ultimately, the date did not go very well, and she will not be going on a third.

fotofabrika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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