Her Son’s Upset That She Upstaged His Wedding With Her Lavish 50th Birthday Party

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This woman recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and among her friends, this is a major deal. She hasn’t been one to really celebrate her birthday as an adult, and her last real party was back when she was 16.

She’s spent the last couple of years saving her money so she could have a lavish birthday party, and her family is well aware of how excited she’s been to do this.

A year ago, her son and her daughter-in-law mentioned they’re going to have their wedding a week after her big birthday bash.

She reminded her son that the party was going to be enormous and very important to her. Her son also knows how special 50th birthday parties are among their loved ones, as he previously attended his aunt’s party.

So it’s not like it was a secret that this event was bound to be a big to-do.

“I told him I am also not going to tone it down and he said he didn’t care,” she explained. “My party had over 100 guests and had a lot of bells and whistles.”

“My son’s wedding was this weekend, and both events got compared. It was basically what people were talking about.”

She essentially threw a lavish pool party for her birthday celebration, and she rented out a venue complete with private pools and a beach.

It really was a wonderful time for her and all of her guests. At her son’s wedding, many people were discussing her party, and when she overheard them or was included in the conversation, she would gently steer everyone back to talking about her son’s wedding.

AS Photo Family – – illustrative purposes only

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