He’s Falling For The Pretty, Young Au Pair He And His Wife Hired To Help With Their Kids

Pasan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For more than a decade now, this 36-year-old man has been with his 35-year-old wife. Two years ago, they had their twin sons, which truly was a miracle, as they believed they could never get pregnant.

He and his wife both have challenging careers, so it didn’t take them long to realize they really need help caring for their boys.

His sister-in-law has an au pair, and she’s always talking about how wonderful this experience is for her family.

He and his wife thought about it and figured an au pair would be the best solution for them. They interviewed a list of people before finally settling on a 23-year-old girl who seemed amazing.

He and his wife own a little guest house located one minute from their own home, and their au pair moved there.

So far, their au pair has been nothing but incredible, and she has been with their family for close to a year. His wife adores their au pair, and she is outstanding with their boys.

“The only problem in all this is that I’ve started developing romantic feelings towards her,” he explained.

Their au pair is kind and intelligent, and she’s easy to talk to. He also can’t lie: she is pretty. Since he and his wife work so much, he rarely spends a lot of time with his wife.

But, their au pair is always home when he is, and she has become a constant in his life. Also, watching how she interacts with the boys makes him feel some type of way. It’s not just that she’s young and attractive.

Pasan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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