His Ex-Wife Cheated And Had A Baby With Her Affair Partner, Who Left Her, So She Wants Him To Provide Additional Child Support

Khorzhevska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always felt sorry for people who were not only cheated on by their spouse but also discovered their cheating spouse had a child with their affair partner.

One man recently refused to give child support to his ex-wife, the mother of his two kids, for a child she had with a man she cheated on him with. Now, she’s trying to get their shared children to convince him to do it.

He has two children, a 10-year-old son, and a nine-year-old daughter, with his ex-wife. 

A few years ago, he thought he and his wife were expecting a baby. But after a shocking turn of events, he found out his wife had been cheating on him and that the baby was not his; it was her affair partner’s.

He knew he wanted to divorce his wife when he found out she was cheating. After confirming her new baby, a daughter, was not his through DNA testing, he only sought split custody of their two children.

“I paid some child support because I made more than her, but we had 50-50 custody time with the kids, and I remained an involved dad,” he explained.

“My ex lived with her [daughter’s] father in October of last year when he took off without a word and dipped from their lives. She has been in pursuit of child support ever since, but he cannot be found, and he quit the last known job he had, so she has been unsuccessful so far.”

While his ex is struggling to support her youngest child, his other two children are doing alright because he still supports them.

A month ago, his ex-wife asked him if he’d be willing to start sending her extra money so she could support her youngest daughter as well. 

Khorzhevska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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