His Roommate Catfished A Girl He Met Online And Pretended To Be Him, So Now His Roommate Wants Him To Go Out On A Date With Her Because She’s Coming To Town To Meet Up - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old man currently lives with a 24-year-old roommate, and they’ve been friends for about two years. But, after his roommate recently used his photos to catfish a girl, he’s not sure if their friendship can continue anymore.

For some context, his roommate started talking to a 24-year-old woman online. Then, when she asked for a photo of him, his roommate sent a group photo of all their friends and asked her to guess which guy she was talking to.

“For whatever reason, she picked me instead of him out of everyone in this photo, and that was the beginning of the life,” he recalled.

So, his roommate proceeded to pretend that it was him talking to the girl. And while his roommate does have “a lot of remorse” for deceiving her, his roommate apparently didn’t think he and the girl would keep talking after that first day.

That wasn’t the case, though, and now, the girl is actually planning to take a one-hour trip in order to meet up with his roommate. And obviously, she will realize that his roommate really wasn’t who he claimed to be.

His roommate believes the realization will “crush” the girl, too. So, he actually got asked to go on the date and pretend to be his roommate the entire time! Then, his roommate claimed he would tell the girl the truth once she traveled back home.

But, quite frankly, he didn’t ask to be involved in this whole mess, and he didn’t want to go out on the date at all.

“This girl is apparently in love with K-pop and K-drama. My roommate’s sent me all these screenshots to ‘learn’ the references between them,” he explained.

“The way he’s presented himself to her is like some kind of Prince Charming. I’m not like that.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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