His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Leading Her On For Three Years Because He Won’t Propose, But He Made It Clear From The Start That He Never Wanted To Get Married

Azeemud-Deen Jacobs/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Some people believe that if you stay in a relationship with someone long enough, they’ll change their ways or eventually feel differently about what they want for their future.

One man is unsure what to do with his girlfriend, as he told her years ago that he had no interest in getting married and wouldn’t propose to her. But now, she assumes he would’ve changed his mind and is expecting a ring.

He and his girlfriend have been together for over three years. At the start of their relationship, they had several conversations regarding what they wanted for their futures.

Both of them agreed they didn’t want children. Then, when his girlfriend asked how he felt about marriage, he knew it was important that he was honest.

“I told her I didn’t really want to get married,” he recalled.

”I didn’t see the point of it and thought weddings were a waste of money. I reiterated that this meant we wouldn’t be getting married in the future.”

His girlfriend seemed to accept his beliefs and moved on, stating she agreed with his views on marriage. They stayed together, and things were fine, or so he thought.

Recently, one of his girlfriend’s best friends got engaged, and it prompted her to ask him when he was going to pick out an engagement ring for her.

“I asked what she meant since she knew my views on marriage,” he said.

Azeemud-Deen Jacobs/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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