His Wife Bought Him A Puppy That They Were Forced To Rehome, But Now She’s Angry At Him

Two weeks into them having their puppy, his wife found her a new home. The puppy went to the bathroom everywhere and barked or chewed nonstop.

Luckily, his parents stepped up to take the puppy and are investing the time into training her. His dad is retired and excited to have a companion, and the puppy is clearly happy to be with them.

While this worked out great for everyone involved, his wife is furious that she basically paid good money for his parents to have a puppy and not them.

“Now she is mad that I manipulated her into doing what I said we should do, to begin with,” he continued.

“She said she thought I would love a puppy that was like my old one. IF WE HAD THE SPACE AND TIME FOR HER, I WOULD HAVE.”

“I am [upset] that I had to even do it. I feel bad for the dog. I’m thinking of not even doing the rescue now that I know more about how my wife thinks.”

What advice do you have for him?

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