She And Her Friends Decided To Explore A Cemetery At Night, And A Creepy Knocking Followed Them Back To Their Bedroom

Mazur Travel - - illustrative purposes only

A couple of years ago, this woman and her friends planned to book an Airbnb to celebrate Christmas together. After a lot of research, they stumbled across a listing for a decent price in a rural area, and they didn’t know until getting to the Airbnb that it was located directly across the street from a cemetery.

It was a long drive to their destination, but once they reached the Airbnb, she and her friends spent some time unpacking before walking around the area.

They saw a couple of houses further down the street, but everything else was empty space and land. A massive field with dry, overgrown grass surrounded the house they stayed at. They chose not to wander into the cemetery.

After dinner, they chatted in the kitchen a couple of days into their trip. It was about 10:30 p.m. and pitch-black outside. One of her friends said they should walk through the cemetery because they hadn’t done so yet. They discussed it for a few minutes, and two of her friends didn’t want to go, so they stayed behind. She and two of her other friends decided to go to the graveyard.

Before leaving, they looked for and found a flashlight and went to the cemetery across the street. They wandered around, looking at the names on the gravestones, and tried to scare one another.

Her friend who held the flashlight wandered off, so she and her other friend were in complete darkness. A few minutes later, her friend was terrified and raced in the direction of their friend with the flashlight.

“She accidentally tripped on someone’s grave and stumbled, but while regaining her balance, she stepped forward and tripped over the same guy’s tombstone. She was alright, luckily,” she said.

After that, nothing creepy happened in the cemetery, so they were bummed and went back to their Airbnb to get ready for bed. She and her friend who’d tripped shared a bed. At about 2 a.m., her friend shook her to wake her up.

“She said she heard knocking on the window beside our bed. We were silent for a few minutes but didn’t hear anything,” she explained.

Mazur Travel – – illustrative purposes only

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