She Asked A New Family She’d Been Babysitting For If They Had A Nanny Cam In Their Home, But The Mother Just Lashed Out And Accused Her Of Stealing Or Having People Over While Alone In The House

Aliaksei Lasevich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

More people are installing security cameras inside their homes as well as outside to record any kind of incident that happens involving themselves, their kids, or their pets.

It’s not a bad idea, as things besides a burglary you’d want to know about can happen while you’re not home.

One young woman babysits for families in her neighborhood and feels safer knowing security cameras are in her clients’ homes. However, when she asked a new neighbor if she had some kind of security camera for babysitting, the neighbor freaked out.

She’s 21 and has babysat for families in her neighborhood as a side hustle. She enjoys doing it, and she has a good rapport with many neighbors.

Since she started babysitting, she realized she felt safer when she babysat for families who had some kind of nanny cam or security cameras throughout their house, as she likes to know that any type of emergency or incident would be recorded.

Recently, a new family, a couple named Sarah and Tom and their toddler daughter, moved into her neighborhood. Sarah was given her information by a neighbor she had babysat for before, who gave her a call to see if she could watch her daughter for free.

She’ll babysit for free occasionally, as usually, the families that ask for free babysitting do something for her in return.

When she asked Sarah if she had any security cameras, she got an unexpected response.

“Sarah went quiet for a bit and then immediately lashed out at me, suggesting that I was taking advantage of being alone at her house to steal, bring someone over, or harm her daughter. [She said] I’m worried about being caught, and since I’m doing it for free, that must be my intention. I was shocked. I explained to her that I’m in no way a creep, and I’m upset she would think so.”

Aliaksei Lasevich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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